It’s today,  it has already arrived!   But why today?

In fact, the idea of ​​creating a day dedicated to the Internet emerged in 2005 at the initiative of the Internet Users Association, to which other groups that believed it was interesting to share all together one day what each one does to bring the Society of the Information to the rest of people. It spread throughout all the Spanish-speaking countries and although it was held a priori on October 25, it was during the Summit of the Information Society that took place in Tunisia when the UN was proposed to be May 17 as the Day World of the Information Society, (“Internet Day” for short) so it was changed to that date.

Anyone is invited to participate in the Internet Day. There are diverse ways to participate or contribute. In many places, events that commemorate the day are held, which must meet the following conditions:

  • That brings the Information Society closer to the non-connected or disabled.
  • May its main realization happen on May 17.
  • Let it be known at

From online ontime we want to make echo of this great day, which we should take on vacation ? but we are working hard to give the best service to our customers and we want to celebrate with all of you.

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