online ontime  Digital Consulting Code of Conduct

Human Rights

Respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights and avoid complicity with human rights abuses.


  • Refuse to tolerate any unacceptable treatment of individuals such as mental cruelty, sexual harassment or discrimination including gestures, language and physical contact, that is sexual, coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative.
  • Promote equal opportunities and treatment of employees, irrespective of skin color, race, nationality, ethnicity, political affiliation, social background, disabilities, sexual orientation, marital status, religious conviction, gender or age.

Respect for Cultures & Communities

  • Help foster economic and social development of local communities and ensure full respect for the human rights, dignity, aspirations, culture, and natural resource-based livelihoods in areas in which operations are made.

Fair Operating Practices

Legal Compliance

  • Comply with the laws of the applicable legal systems.

Anti-corruption and bribery

  • Maintain zero tolerance for any form of corruption, extortion or bribery.
  • Forgo directly or indirectly offering or granting and requesting or accepting anything of value to government officials or to a counterparty in the private sector with intentions to influence official action or obtain an improper advantage.
  • Act in accordance with national and international competition laws and refrain from participating in price fixing, market or customer allocation, market sharing or bid rigging with competitors.
  • Avoid all conflicts of interest that may adversely influence business relationships.

Fair Treatment and Supply Chain

  • Respect the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Notify and promote using reasonable efforts among its supplier’s compliance with this Code of Conduct.
  • Comply with the principles of non-discrimination with regard to supplier selection and treatment.

Labor Practices

Prohibition of Forced Labor

  • Avoid all forms of forced and compulsory labor and refuse to employ or make anyone work against their will.

Prohibition of Child Labor

  • Employ no workers under the age of 15 or, in those countries subject to the developing country exception of the ILO Convention 138, employ no workers under the age of 14.

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Act in accordance with the applicable statutory and international standards regarding occupational health and safety and provide safe working conditions.
  • Establish a reasonable occupational health & safety management system.
  • Provide training to ensure employees are educated in health & safety issues and have the right to refuse unsafe work.

Basic Human Rights, Working Hours, Wages & Benefits of employees

  • Respect the personal dignity, privacy and rights of each individual.
  • Comply with the maximum number of working hours outlined in the applicable laws.
  • Provide fair remuneration and guarantee the applicable national statutory minimum wage.
  • Recognize, as far as legally possible, the right of free association and collective bargaining. Neither favor nor discriminate against members of employee organizations or trade unions

Environmental Protection

  • online ontime is committed to minimizing the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of its products and services until its final disposal, developing, at each stage of the design, manufacturing, distribution, sale and end-of-use process, reduction and compensation measures of that impact.
  • online ontime employees will develop their activity promoting the social and environmental sustainability of the company, as a way to create responsible value for all their stakeholders.

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