And it seems like it was yesterday when we began to consider the creation of our agency, thinking about the services we would offer, our differentiating value, the brand image, the target we would address…

This was our first post:

10aniversario-onlineontimeSince we officially founded ontime Digital Consulting SL before an online notary until today, not only have 120 months passed, but also a good amount of lived experiences (most of them positive), personal and professional growth and a good bag of satisfaction from seeing that the projects in that we collaborate come out ahead!

And of course, it is a cliché, but it is obligatory to give the well-deserved thanks to all of you who have helped and supported us in these 10 years; You form the 4 legs on which we stand.

Our clients, who are our fuel, are many of you who have shared the path with us, and it is a pleasure to be able to say that a good relationship has predominated, making us in many cases even friends, and the best news is that with the majority we continue to have a professional relationship. .

Dear collaborators, suppliers, advisors, workers… what can I say, one of the essential legs for all this to work, always well geared and sharing a philosophy of attention to detail, quality of service, on-time deliveries and good communication.

Friends and family, who are always mentioned at award ceremonies, but it is true that without their support and understanding at all times everything would have been much more difficult. Thank you from the heart.


A special mention to the administrations and bureaucratic systems, for all the setbacks, unnecessary procedures, errors, incomprehensible communications, abusive taxes, etc… to which they subject us, the self-employed and SMEs of this country.