Hi everyone!

Because of our large experience in online and digital platforms, and also due to some latest project we have had the opportunity to support, we are proud of sharing with you our… 10 Tips for choosing the perfect domain 🙂

  1. Easy to write: Finding a domain name that is easy to write is critical to your online success. If you use slang or words with different spellings (such as: expres, xpress) it will be more difficult for customers to find your web page.
  2. Make it short: If your domain is long and complex, you can run the risk that your clients write it or spell it wrong. If it is short and simple, much better.
  3. Use keywords: Try using keywords that describe your business or the services you offer. For example, if your business is engaged in small rehabilitation works, you can register for example worksinyourhouse.com or rehabilitateyourhome.com.  This will help improve your position in the search engines and increase visits to your website.
  4. Go to your geographical area: If your business is local, it may be a good idea to include the name of your city or region in the name of your domain, so it will be easier for local customers to find you and remember you. It depends also if your activity is only for Europe, America, etc… For example: www.harrodseurope.com
  5. Avoid numbers and scripts: Domains that contain numbers and hyphens often produce confusion and errors. When people hear the address of your website, they do not know if they have to type the number (5) or if they have to write it (five), or if there is a script or not. If you need your domain to have a number or a script, I recommend that you register the different variations of it to be sure.
  6. Easy to remember: There are millions of registered domains, so having a domain that is catchy and easy to remember is essential. Once you have the name, tell your closest friends to see if they sound attractive and give a clear idea of ​​your project or business.
  7. Verify that it is available: Make sure that the domain name you have selected is not already registered, is copyrighted, or is being used by another company. You can have many legal problems and it could cost you a fortune.
  8. If at any time you are going to use social networks, it is usually a good idea that the name of the social profiles matches the domain of your company, your website or your brand. For this it is convenient to check the availability. It’s simple, just use a tool like this: https://checkusernames.com/
  9. Use an appropriate extension: Extensions are suffixes, such as .com or .ch, at the end of web addresses. These extensions can have specific uses and you have to make sure they are appropriate and work for your business. The .com extension is undoubtedly the best known, but it is difficult to get a short and easy to remember .com domain, since it is very widespread and has been around for a long time.
  10. Protect and build your brand: In order to protect your brand, I advise you to register several domain extensions (.com, .net …), and also to buy variations of it with some spelling mistake. If you do, in the case that your customers comment on a spelling mistake when writing it, your clients will go to your website and, in passing, you ensure that your competitors do not register them.

Hope they help you a bit, but… better ask us 🙂